Information for the Authors

Advice to Contributors
1. “Annuarium Iuris Canonici” accepts scientifically significant and not yet published research works of canon law. The journal also publishes reports from significant conferences, book reviews and an annual set of scientific publications of the Faculty of Canon Law at the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski in Warsaw.
2. “Annuarium Iuris Canonici” accepts contributions written in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. The texts will be published in digital version (PDF format) on the journal’s internet website.
3. Texts prepared in the languages mentioned above should also provide an English version of: the title, keywords, abstract and note about the author (workplace - the university).
4. Contributions should be submitted in Word format (.doc, .docx) either as an e-mail attachment or on a CD.
5. The article should not exceed 20 pages (up to 40 thousand characters, including spaces and footnotes). The text should be using font “times new roman 12pt”, footnotes “times new roman 10pt”, interline 1,5 and margins of 25 mm. The deadline for submission of the text to the current vintage number is 31 December. Texts received after the deadline will be published in the next issue of the journal.
6. Texts should be given in a definitive, clear and final form, ready for publication and corrected by the appropriate native speaker.
7. The editors will provide a response indicating acceptance or refusal of the text within three months. Texts will be reviewed by subject specialists.
8. The article should have section titles written with Arabic numerals. Footnotes with raised Arabic numerals, are to be inserted at the bottom of pages and not at the end of the article. All acronyms and initials should be spelled out first before subsequent use. The and of the article should consists of a short bibliography (5-20 publications).
9. References to books and articles used in footnotes should be given as follows:
- W. Góralski, Dobro małżonków a istotne obowiązki małżeńskie, Warszawa 2010, UKSW.
- P. Gherri (eds.), Norme e regole nella vita del Diritto. Atti della Giornata Canonistica Interdisciplinare, Città del Vaticano 2009, Lateran University Press.
- P. Kroczek, The Significance of the Techniques of Encoding Canonical Norms in an Act of Law, CIC 1983 as an Example, “Annales Canonici” 7 (2011), p. 189-198.
- G. Giorgio, Norma morale e regola, in: P. Gherri (eds.), Norme e regole nella vita del Diritto. Atti della Giornata Canonistica Interdisciplinare, Città del Vaticano 2009, Lateran University Press, p. 103-144.
- (15.12.2012).
10. The editorial board reserves the right to ask for revisions of style or corrections in order to ensure the standard methodological format.
11. Reliability in science is one of the cornerstones of quality. For this reason, the editors of “Annuarium Iuris Canonici” thank the authors for their honest and ethical stance regarding the creation which is solely theirs and expect them to disclose the work or influence of others in the appropriate footnotes. According to the editorial staff the “ghostwriting” and “guest authorship” is a manifestation of scientific misconduct, and any detected cases will be unmasked, including notifying the appropriate entities.
12. Obligatory guidelines for the reviewing procedures were published on 28 November 2011 by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland. Some basic principles in reviewing the publications in “Annuarium Iuris Canonici”:
a/ Each article is rated “initially” by the editorial team, and then by at least two independent reviewers according to the “double-blind review process”;
b/ At least one of the reviewers is affiliated with the institution other than the nationality of the author’s text;
c/ The review is prepared in writing according to the form set out on the website of the journal. The censors then confirm their approval or rejection of the text for publication.
13. Contributions should be sent to:
Annuarium Iuris Canonici
Wydział Prawa Kanonicznego UKSW
ul. Dewajtis 5
01-815 Warszawa/Poland